Michael Ruhlman

  • Acacia Wood Paddles

    Acacia Wood Paddles

    The flat-edged wood spoon is one of the essential tools of the kitchen and our jumbo wood spoon, aka The Spanker, is excellent for big pots of stew and chili and other braised goodness.  Warning on The Spanker: if you...

  • Bamboo Pot Scrubber

    Bamboo Pot Scrubber

    Why a great bamboo pot scrubber isn’t ubiquitous in American kitchens we have no idea.  What ones are available are flimsy and ineffective.  Our bamboo pot scrubber is built to scrub and scrape.  It’s inexpensive and it rids all manner...

  • Offset Serving Spoon

    Offset Serving Spoon

    We are loving the offsetness of spoons so much that we decided to make a large serving spoon that rests elegantly on the side of a pot or bowl without sliding into it.  We modeled the bowl on the shape...

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