Michael Ruhlman

All-Strain Reusable Straining Cloths


The All-Strains are cotton, reusable straining cloths for all straining needs.  No reason to keep buying cheesecloth.  When you want to strain something, stock, soup, these are always at the ready.  

You can also use them to strain the whey out of regular yogurt for thick, greek style yogurt.  Or fill them with chopped or pureed tomatoes to make tomato water, a heavenly elixer that can be soup, sauce, or cooking medium.  

They can be used to enclose aromatics added then removed from stocks, sauces and braises (called a sachet d'epices), and yes, you can even use them for cheese.  

They're handsomely embroidered so that they're clearly identifiable as kitchen cloths and when folded, identifiable by size.
Regular Retail is $14.95 - a real savings!