Michael Ruhlman
Mother's Day Bundle

Mother's Day Bundle


Mom's Day is important. If you your wife is happy and makes you and the kids happy in the kitchen by cooking good food, Mac Dalton and I have put together a special bundle we think all cooking moms will like (no meat grinders and stuffers and smokers). Moms, since you're the one probably reading this, feel free to send husbands (generally a knuckleheaded member of the species if I'm any indication), who tend to wait till the last minute, send this link to him now.

The Mom's Day Bundle—

  • 2 spankettes (the best wood spoons EVER)
  • Badass (aka Egg) spoon
  • A set of offset basting tasting spoons
  • A small bamboo scrubber (no more sponges gunked up with cheese, dough, egg scorched milk!)
  • An offset serving spoon (rests on the pot, won't slide in, holds about 8 ounces)

Separately cost $80, but Mac wants  to reduce the bundle to $60.