Michael Ruhlman

Kitchen Tool Bundle


Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

Together for the first time, the tools that Mac Dalton and I founded a company on.  The Badass Perforated Egg (aka Egg) Spoon, the three flat-edged wood paddles, and our offset Basting Tasting Spoons.   

I used to bend kitchen spoons to make them offset, now we make elegant ones, in three sizes. Chefs Chris Cosentino and Jonathon Sawyer loved them so much they gave them as Christmas gifts to their cooks. The wood spoons are perhaps the most utilitarian tool you can own, so you want good ones. And every kitchen needs a perforated spoon; ours just happens to be especially useful.   

I guarantee you will love these spoons, and you will love them for the rest of your life in the kitchen—treat them right, and they'll last forever.  

Happy cooking!