Michael Ruhlman

Bamboo Pot Scrubber

Why a great bamboo pot scrubber isn’t ubiquitous in American kitchens we have no idea.  What ones are available are flimsy and ineffective.  Our bamboo pot scrubber is built to scrub and scrape.  It’s inexpensive and it rids all manner of pot, pan, crockery, Pyrex dish of baked-on food, the tough stuff like egg, crusty cheese and gooey dough that gums up sponges.  This scrubber takes it right off and rinses clean.  It’s made especially for woks and cast iron pans so you don’t have to use soap and ruin a well-seasoned surface, but they’re great for all kinds of cleaning jobs no matter what the surface is.
Regular retail for these products is $9.95-$24.95 - a real saving!
  • Made of all-natural bamboo
  • 3.5 inches long
  • 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Made of all-natural bamboo
  • 7.75 inches long
  • 2 inches in diameter
Additional Details:
  • Easy-to-clean, everyday kitchen cleaning tool. 
  • Made of heavy duty bamboo
  • Scrubber is stabilized with a single solid bamboo core cylinder. 
Use & Care

The non-porous bamboo surface of the Dalton-Ruhlman Scrubber is easy-to-clean. Unlike sponges, the scrubber doesn't capture all sorts of leftover food from your pots and pans.  To clean, simply wash with cold water and soap. Let air dry.