Michael Ruhlman

Quiche Ring


When I was writing the Bouchon Cookbook with Thomas Keller, his quiche was a revelation. A child of the seventies, I saw quiche in pie shells, and everyone sensed deep down how silly this was (the real reason for the quiche jokes).  Chef Keller said, “It’s impossible to cook a proper quiche in a pie shell. A great quiche is all about the consistency of the custard.” In order to get that consistency, it’s got to be 2-inches thick.  In the book, we called it the sexiest pie, because a perfectly cooked quiche is such a sensually satisfying thing to eat. 

When the book came out several years ago, people asked where they could find one that was the right size for the quiche? It wasn’t always easy to find that 2-inch height, so when I told Mac this, Mac said, “We can make that! That’s a no-brainer.”  

So here it is, the stainless steel Dalton-Ruhlman quiche ring.  (Obviously, if you have a two-inch-high cake ring, you don’t need this, as they are the same thing!)

Quiches are awesome and infinitely variable.  I love quiche Lorraine, the classic bacon, and onion quiche. But you could vary the garnish—mushrooms, spinach, or southwestern style roasted peppers.  Or make a vanilla custard pie as a dessert, served with a simple chocolate sauce or fruit puree, it’s fantastic.

This obviously works for cake batter, but I don’t make a lot of cakes. I make quiches all the time, it’s the perfect weekend recipe because you can have it on hand all week for simple weekday dinner with salad, or it makes a fine cold lunch.

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