Michael Ruhlman

Spoon Set

Heavy Metal Spooning!

I loved my self-bent basting spoon so much, my high school pal Mac Dalton and I decided to found a company on it. These offset spoons are amazing for basting, tasting and saucing. They're just great all-around spoons.  They don't slide down into deep pots or bowls but rest neatly on the edge.

The big all purpose perforated spoon is another, whether for stirring or serving. But this one has a little bit of extra  functionality built into it.  It's got an especially deep bowl.  Not only does it hold a lot, but it also happens to allow you to create perfect poached eggs, and poached eggs make everything better, on a salad, a burger, a stew, a sandwich or simply on toast.

Because these are all completely unique, products, we decided to combine them in our Heavy Metal Spooning Bundle: three Dalton-Ruhlman offest spoons, big, medium, and small along with our Badass Perforated (aka Egg) Spoon.

I want all of America to spoon regularly. Spooning makes life better!

Spoon Set Includes:

  • (1) Bad Ass Egg Spoon
  • (1) Large Offset Spoon
  • (1) Medium Offset Spoon
  • (1) Small Offset Spoon