Michael Ruhlman

Badass Perforated (aka Egg) Spoon


A couple years ago, nosing around in McGee’s On Food and Cooking, we came across his suggestion that one could make neater poached eggs by getting rid of the liquidy, flyaway whites before poaching.  And it works! (There’s really no point in adding acid to the water.) Regrettably, we left our good perforated spoon at a Macy’s demo and only had a generic slotted spoon with a shallow bowl and the egg always wanted to jump out.

So when we began to make kitchen tools, this was high on the list a perforated spoon with a very deep bowl.  It not only easily holds any egg, but it’s also a great utility player in the kitchen scooping up big helpings of what ever it is you’re lifting out of liquids.  A good perforated spoon is a kitchen essential and this is the best one available. Regular retail on this product is $19.95 - a real savings.