Michael Ruhlman

Acacia Wood Paddles

The flat-edged wood spoon is one of the essential tools of the kitchen and our jumbo wood spoon, aka The Spanker is excellent for big pots of stew and chili and other braised goodness.  Warning on The Spanker: if you only cook in little pots or only cook for one or two, this may be too big for you.  The bigness is what we like, but it depends on the kind of cook you are.  The little guy, Spankie, is perfect for all-purpose everyday use, stirring sauces, deglazing, making risotto.  The mid-sized paddle is a fabulous all-around tool for most stirring needs.
These wood paddles are custom made from strong, beautiful acacia wood. Each one has its own unique grain pattern and is designed with a flat edge and angled tips that allow easy reach into the corners of your pan when stirring. You can't do this with a rounded spoon!  
I have a lot of wooden spoons, but these are by far the best.  
Please note that The Spanker, the big guy, is really big. That's why we made it, for stirring big pots of food. If you only cook for one or two, you probably only need the spankette and the spanky.
The Retail cost on the bundle is $29.95 - savings are similar no matter which package you purchase!
We use it for stirring big pots of chili and stews and helping to heft big roasts out of roasting pans. If you only cook for one or two people, you don't need it—get the Spanky and/or Spankette instead.
The Spanker is 18" long with a 3-1/4" wide paddle.
The Spankette is 15" long with a 2-3/4" wide paddle.
The Spankie is 12" long with a 2" wide paddle.