Michael Ruhlman

Bamboo In-Drawer Knife Holder


This is without a doubt my favorite non-cooking kitchen item, an in-drawer knife holder. Counter space is too valuable to waste on a countertop holder. I use knives many times a day, every day that I’m home, and I love having them at the ready but out of sight and out of the way, their precious edges resting safely on softwood.

This baby holds six large knives, six paring knives, and one steel, which you should own and use often to maintain a sharp blade. It’s made of bamboo, a renewable resource, and will last beyond your lifetime.

If counter AND drawer space is precious (that is if you live in a tiny apartment) then consider our knife grabber, a beautiful rectangle of wood with a powerful magnet inside that keeps your knives mounted safely on the wall.

Keep your knives sharp with the amazing DMT Sharpening device, and store them with they’re not in use out of the way but close at hand, in this wonderful in-drawer knife holder.

4 lbs   3.1 OZ  About 9" Wide X about 16.5" Deep X 2" High