Michael Ruhlman
Offset Spatula & Bench Scraper

Offset Spatula & Bench Scraper

I love our offset spoons, and I wouldn't be without an offset spatula. It's got the perfect angle for scooping and turning. The bench scraper is a great utility player as well, especially in the baking kitchen, cutting dough, dividing dough. 

It also is a great all-purpose scoop for transferring food from cutting board to a pan (herbs, diced onion for instance). Want to know what I really love it for, scraping the flour off my work surface after making a dough. That's why it's called a bench scraper. You don't want to gum up a sponge with flour, you scrape the flour off with this bench scraper. 
Regular retail in this product is $14.95 - a real saving.